Hi, I’m Gwen!

Having started my career as a fashion photographer and worked in a multi-label luxury brand industry in Shanghai for 2 years, I later realised that I had a similar yet different calling.

While I enjoyed fashion photography, I have had these inklings to try out styling. With my then boss’s blessings, I was able to experiment and experience styling as I took on the role of an editorial stylist. This was when I discovered my love for dressing up others.

Dreams don’t pay the bills... or can they

In 2018, I packed my bags and returned home to be close to my loved ones, but my career took a hit. In Singapore, personal stylists have a very niche audience; there is a common misconception that we are only reserved for the famous and wealthy. Due to the lack of opportunities, I landed a job in sales (which I didn’t very much enjoy).

It was not until 2020 that I decided to pursue styling full-time. By then, I have had some styling jobs on the side and it was slowly growing despite the COVID-19 pandemic. To make things official, I got myself certified as a style coach with the Style Coaching Institute®, and Style Forth was born.

Through my work, I see my clients transform from without to within. For me, that is both rewarding and empowering; my definition of success.

  • Mission

    To empower the people I cross paths with and help them to discover their personal styles
    so they can wear them with confidence.

  • Vision

    I see myself as more than a style coach. In a way, I'm also a life coach.
    Through fashion, I want to boost the confidence of my clients and
    style up the life they want for themselves.

"I would recommend her services to friends who want a wardrobe revamp and wish to stand out from the crowd!"

— Eve Phua, Founder of House of Phua

"I will absolutely introduce Gwen to my clients and friends! Ever since I shopped with Gwen and learned more about my body and style, I have been spending less time deciding on what suits me."

— Jen Lau, Senior Financial Advisor