Tay Yuhui, Founder of '13rushes'

Tay Yuhui, Founder of '13rushes'

For years, I've had an overflowing wardrobe, but ironically, I felt like I had nothing to wear. Despite having a closet filled with trendy colors and designs, nothing seemed to work for me. It was incredibly frustrating.

After years of staring at myself in the mirror, I still couldn't figure out my colours. Until I met Gwen. It was only through Style Forth's 1-to-1 Coaching and Personal Shopping Session that I discovered I'd been shopping wrong all this time. Dusty, muted colors made me (a light spring) look washed out, and drop-waist dresses emphasized my pear-shaped hips more than they should. Blacks and whites were thought to be my safe colours, but boy, was I terribly wrong.

I really love Gwen's services because her sessions were carefully tailored for me. Apart from considering my skin tone and body shape, she took into account whether the clothing she chose would be suitable for my occupation, budget, and personality. She was exceptionally thoughtful throughout the session, and I felt extremely comfortable sharing any concerns I had with her.

Shopping has always been a hobby for me, but Gwen really took this hobby to the next level. Her guides and tips were easy to remember. These days, I know exactly what to look for, and shopping has become a treasure hunt. Now that I'm finally looking for the right stuff and not just settling, shopping has never felt this fulfilling!

Gwen's honest input, advice, and keen eye for fashion have been invaluable. It was an empowering, insightful, and emotional experience.

I personally think Style Forth's services are suitable for anyone, regardless of your age or background. Gwen makes fashion easy to understand, even for the layperson. I'm glad I made this investment in myself, and I know I'll be visiting Gwen again really soon for our next Wardrobe Organization session!

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